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What Our Customers Say

IMO, Everyone needs a vehicle mechanic and a computer technician that is honest, excellent at what they do, timely, and recommend only what is required. They should also be able to be counted on to give you advise when not to put $ into something. If your looking for a computer tech with the above qualities, I’d recommend Alex. While my interaction is simply based on one job to date, I will be certain to go back to him when I’m in need of a diagnosis and/or repair in the future.

Shawn Housden

Amazing customer service, always going above and beyond. Alex is a genuine good person that actually wants to help his customers instead of run up a tab. I will always come back.

Brandon Brown

Absolutely amazing service!!! Alex and Mitch are top-notch. Were able to identify my issue and have it repaired lickity-split. Would definitely recommend them, without hesitation. Thanks again Guys!!!

Burke Borthwick

Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. Saved a lot of time and money> Thought computer was to be replaced, but everything was fixed

Julianne Koenig

Really great service

Dharshan Dasrath

Alex is one on of the best. Amazing guy, who is super nice and helpful. He has saved my family tons of money over the years with his very detailed repairs. If you are going to a big brand name (Apple, Microsoft, etc) to fix your computer, you are doing yourself a disservice. Take it to Alex, not only will he likely repair it faster, he may be able to do it for a better price depending on the fix needed. I recommend anyone to bring broken electronics to Alex.

Bren Grah

I had problem on my iPhone 11 screen. Alex helped my to communicate with Apple and got the replacement for me right away. Excellent service!

Bing Xia

No nonsense, tells you exactly what's wrong, gives a firm price to fix the problem and does the job reliably, and very fast. Alex is the best, no hesitation in recommending him 100%! I'm adding to my review a year later - Alex once again has repaired my computer to 100%, I can't say enough good things about his business!

Andrew Knowles

Although I was not able to resolve my issue, the advice I was given (free) made excellent sense and led me in the proper direction. Honourable for sure.

Jade River

This business is nothing short of amazing. I called the shop a few times to get a quote on battery install, and some other random parts. Alex was always so kind, honest, and provided great lamens term analogy's. I called another shop in Port Moody, and they quoted me 4x higher, and told me to simply get a new laptop. That's not my style, if my 2011 MacBook pro can still hammer out assault missions on the internet, then lets spend some TLC and get it back to optimal. And that's exactly what Alex and his team did. Great great great customer service and quality of work. Had my system back in less than 24 hours. I'm so happy for my new again laptop. Love it, its quicker than the new mackbooks now, and has plenty of life left. Saved me close to $3K!!

Sonny Mann

The best computer service in the area.

Arturo Peralta

I strongly recommend ‘a count on us ‘ for computer repair. While Apple store told me that I had to buy a new computer, Alex repaired my old MacBook Air quickly and for a very reasonable price. He is friendly and honest. I will definitely ask Alex to help me again if I have any other computer issues in the future. Thank you

Floriane Tavenard

Awesome service. Had some issues I needed some help with on a new PC build. He fit me in, and got me running in no time. Really happy.

Robert French

I was very distressed to find my MacBook pro to have a swollen battery. Alex responded faster than Apple did and assured me that he can take care of it. He was very responsive and took care of the problem immediately. Luckily, the battery was under warranty and Alex was able to solve it quickly. He's the best kept secret outside of going into Apple. If you need any Apple products repaired, he is definitely my go-to guy. Thanks Alex!


Aleksandar is great. You will understand why these guys have a 5 stars


Alex is very friendly and professional. He got everything done for my MacBook pro in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend A–Count On Us Consulting LTD over some of these big box stores.

John Peacock

I brought in my Macbook Air after trying to update the software to macOS Catalina to fix what I believe was a kernal panic (reccommended by Apple Support). Update failed and I could not access the computer anymore. I was told to delete and reinstall software but I did not have a backup of my data. The Genius Bar does not do backups for Macbooks as well. I went to three other computer repairment services, all of which were unable to do anything about my laptop. When I went to A-Count On Us, I was a bit uncertain due to the location of the shop, however, within two days he had already called me back to pickup my laptop. I was very impressed as everything was back to the way it was and my data was preserved. I spent so much time trying to get it fixed; Alex is a miracle worker, thank you!

Sandy Lin

I've gone to Alex for several years now, for both personal and business. Always amazing service.

Jason Wesley

I sent two laptops and an iPhone on Friday and Alex was able to fix them by Monday. Very reasonably priced and good quality work!


I have been going to Alex for all Mac hardware issues for the last 4 years.I have had fantastic results. When the folks at the Apple store in the mall run out of ideas they send people to Alex for the answer! One of my iMacs fell off a wobbly table and smashed the entire screen. Alex cleared away all the broken glass and replaced it with a brand new screen in a day. He also replaced my non-functioning disk drive with a replacement drive that he had lying around for $20.That was 3 years ago. He is a magician with Macs and his rates are ludicrussly affordable. I cannot say enough about this guy and his service!

Peter Crockford

I would like to thank Alex, he is professional and responsible, I am recommend them 100%. they have great and fast customer service . Thank you 🙏 Alex

Hamed Dehganpour

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Skyler Adelson

I highly recommend coming here with any computer hardware issues. Alex is super kind and knowledgeable. He took the time to diagnose and suggest next steps for an issue with my mac mini. I didn't even need to make an appointment. Excellent service!

Zachary Kyra-Derksen

I was extremely impressed with the service. Despite, being unsure from my first impressions with the location and staff, I quickly learned that the owner is very kind and and funny (in a dad joke kinda way). He fixed my MacBook within a few days and charged me a fraction of the price I originally expected. I'm sure part of this experience was just being lucky with the severity of my water damage. But, nevertheless i trust these folks.

Amrit Shergill

I strongly recommend A-Count On Us for their computer repair services. He has superb diagnostic skills and able to quickly address the root cause of a problem. He took the time to lead me through the proper procedures.The service was quick and very reasonable price. Thanks Alex it's running great now:)

Adam Couture

Friendly knowledgable service. Affordable price to get my computer fixed.

James McConville

Alex is awesome and a pro, you can trust him with whatever issues you have. I am very pleased

Tibor Simon

Wow...I would give Alex a 10+ if possible. Super quick response to my weekend email inquiry. The Apple Store recommended him as THE premier Apple Tech in Vancouver. He upgraded the RAM in my iMac, and installed a high performance HD. Quick turnaround (1 day) more than fair price. Excellent service and more important a honest man & business practice. HIGHLY recommend! Thanks again Alex!

Ray Speichert

A very pleasant and efficient man fixed my Apple laptop. I'm sorry I didn't get his name. I will be a returning customer, and highly recommend it to others with computer problems.

Joan K

Totally recommend A-Count on us for all your Apple/Mac needs! Great response time and customer service! And they are located in Port Moody!

Donna Macdonald

Alex was really great. My son has an old MacBook and without a deposit he ordered a new battery for me. He called me as soon as it arrived and had the battery changed and back in my hands in less than 4 hours - with a RAM upgrade to boot. The price was fair but the service was exemplary. Highly recommended!

Steve McCroskey

Wonderful service and excellent turn around time. Went above and beyond expectations. Thank you!

Tabasom Eblaghie

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